February 12, 2014

Transient Eats

"If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, 
it would be a merrier world"
-J. R.R. Tolkin

Today I reached the two week mark. Had I been a normal employee I would have given my two weeks notice today, but instead I gave it four weeks ago which created all kinds of hullabaloo. But oh well, the closer I get to the flight date the antsier I've become.

So here's a serious concern of mine which may seem a little vain especially in our transient world where we tend to be grateful for whatever we get. I loved living in the Jetta, but when it came down to eating it was hard to be healthy without a kitchen or place to store veggies. I tried to eat well with salad bars and lots of chick peas, but more often then not I'd pick up some french bread and cheese so by the time I graduated and moved back to New Hampshire I weighed a little over 250lbs. Now I've never been a small girl but that was the heaviest I've been so taking that off became a priority. The result of my post-vehicle resolution was that I've lost about 60lbs in the past nineteen months, which is roughly equivalent to a nine year old boy.

I started by eating only salads and exercising a lot, which helped me lose some but it really sucked, so (after giving up for a few months) I went Paleo. I really liked Paleo if only because it got me thinking about what healthy really means, but after about five months I went almost vegan. So 60lbs later I feel much better however I'm heading off again and wondering how on earth I'll keep healthy when I am once more faced with no kitchen. My saving grace is that I'll be in the relative heat of the south where no cook food and veggies are appropriate meals as opposed to the northeast in the winter where not only can you barely buy a vegetable (besides potatoes and onions) but all you want to eat is hot food.

I figure that if what I eat is my biggest concern about the move then I'm not doing too badly. I wish I was leaving tomorrow though. I'm ready!


  1. And where you're going has some of thee best foods that may not help you with your goal. I kind of went thru the same thing when I lived in Texas. Awesome BBQ as well as all kinds of other foods. Naturally thin I am, yes. However all that great food and no exercise whatsoever for the first two years took it's toll on my cholesterol/triglycerides.

    Find the best and healthiest compromises/alternatives that you're able to. It does help. Exercise is still key and if you can walk somewhere, then walk. I got all my numbers back to normal by walking/hiking as often as I could.

    Not sure if this is feasible, but if it is. Pickup a used bike on craigslist and ride that sucker raw. I did the same here and it's really paid off. I picked one up a littler after I got back to CA and started riding. I was in hiking shape, but learned quickly not cycling shape. This helped me nuke the midsection chub more than anything else I'd been doing.

    Congrats on the loss of the young lad! Keep it up, it's just learning new habits and you'll lose the other in no time :-)

    1. Bicycle will definitely be my main mode of transportation down there so I'm hoping it will keep that nine year old boy (I think I'll call him Herold) at bay:)


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