July 21, 2011

Do I snore?

That is going to be the question that makes or breaks my winter accommodations. I would ask that those of you who still see me as semi legitimate not judge this plan until you've heard me out. Those of you who already think I'm nuts, judge away.

I live in my car, that should give everyone an idea of how much room I actually need in order to function. I don't hang out in there, I simply use my vehicle as a good size tent on wheels. Keeping this in mind, it stands to reason that my winter home does not need to be very large. So here it is.

One of the buildings has a little used concrete staircase that goes up six floors. I was walking from the second to the third floor yesterday and realized that there is a space between the wall and the staircase just large enough to squeeze through. Under the stairs is a 5 X 10 room connecting to a 4 X 8 room, neather of which are accessible from anywhere except that small space. So... A blow up mattress and a few drawers? Nothing I couldn't stand to loose should the spot be discovered. You can't see back there and I'm not sure it would occur to anyone to shimmy behind the concrete stair case (unless they dropped their keys and went looking for them). So the question now becomes, do I snore? Will I inadvertently give away my location with snarfaling?

Pros: Free, warm, dry, convinient
Cons: Potentially illegal, kind of weird

I would feel more up for this if I had awesome dreds and some kind of alternative name, like rainbow sunflower. I did just get my summer grades back and have a 3.89 GPA, so I can always play the smart and eccentric card... I'm 27 and in college; if I can't do stuff like this now, when can I? 

Thoughts? Suggestions? Medication recommendations?


  1. I think the most important conideration should be safety. Your going to be returning to a place, on a regular basis/schedule, using the same route, without an escape route. A KrazEe person could easily tarp you in there, as could a fire or some other catastrophic event.

    You can always get those nose strips for snoring... regular tape works for the budget conscious.

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  2. Do they ever lock the doors to the building? This would be bad for you should you arrive late and find the doors locked during a cold snowy night.

    Don't do anything to give yourself away while in there. I would install a blackout curtain to help conceal yourself (prevent light from escaping). Avoid eating foods with strong aromas or are crunchy. Don't go swimming for at least one hour after eating. Always turn the cell phone ringer off before entering and don't accept phone calls while in there.

    Steve - Haven 106

  3. Cyndi, Yes, safety is a concern. The building is locked at night so that makes me feel better.

    Steve, I'll probably just sleep there. I don't want to push my luck by setting up a full condo under the stairs:)

  4. I think it sounds like a great retreat. Think of it as an alternative squirrel's nest. Sometimes you go there to think, sleep or be alone. Other times it's just there as an option.

    No loud parties, though ... :)

  5. My only concern would be your safety. Things are replacable, lives not so much. If you feel safe then go for it.


  6. You can try borrowing or buying one of those sound activated recorders, and tape yourself at night. You'll find out soon enough. I found out I say the strangest things in my sleep. lol

  7. really??? i'm all for the gypsy lifestyle, but this sounds dangerous, honey. did you mention in an earlier post that you know people in this building and/or have a key?? hope so!

  8. I lived in a Fraternity Initiation room one summer session. It was a large room, with black walls and kind of creepy. I brought a carpet, a couple of lamps and some furniture in. Someone suspected i was living there and I heard footsteps walking around many times. It was still a bit creepy. If you could black out light and have light in there, I would say go for it. Without light, I think you would go crazy in there.

    It might be nice to have a stealthy camera mounted outside so you could see if there was anyone outside before departing.


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