June 23, 2011

Good Morning NH

We're going to call the boys M and C, just because they're little...

Thursday morning and I feel very lazy not working today. I drove to New Hampshire after work yesterday. Because of the rain and a series of accidents it took me three hours to get up here.

A Rainy Drive

The minute you pass into New Hampshire there is a big sign saying “Drive courteously: It’s the New Hampshire Way!” This is less of a statement and more of a warning to Massachusetts drivers entering the state. Julie (the best buddy ever!) picked me up at my parent’s house who in turn had picked me up at my mechanic’s. Then a few beers, some Weeds (awesome show), and a pull out couch. This morning the six year old woke me up at 6:15am to watch Wipeout and Spongbob. It’s now 7am and I’ve been searching for the coffee for half an hour with no luck...
Julie keeps a coffee cup just for me

Mike's up and has made coffee! They're keeping it in the fridge now. It's raining and M (the six year old) is feeding me cookie crisp cereal trying to get me to be productive. He keeps asking what fun thing we're going to do today. sleeeeep.

$40 left in the bank account and the paycheck doesn't come until tomorrow. If the car gets inspected today but I don't pick it up until Friday then there should be enough in the bank to cover it, baring any major repairs... The four year old just beat me at some sort of video game. What ever happened to the good old Mario Brothers games of the early 90's?

The Proud Family
Wow, just ran around the house with the kids cleaning.  Threatened to vacuum up toys and they worked like lightening! Should have thought of that years ago. They even cleaned their rooms and M (6) helped C (4) fold laundry and showed him which drawers to put clothes in. I am really liking this age!

Getting ready to leave for the school for C's preschool graduation ceremony! 

Wow, so much cuteness in one auditorium! Julie cried as did the teachers. It was pretty awesome. C even sang a song on stage. I spent the after party trying to convince the six year old to get me a brownie, but the best he could scrounge was a hoho. Now we're home and thinking about dinner. I think the boys and I will attempt pizza from scratch...


  1. I love you, Ur the greatest ever and I am so glad you're here. I'm glad that out crazy moms met at that shit hole we use to call work LOL so Now many many years later we're still friends, Love you hunny and PS the coffee will be in the fridg in the AM LOL

  2. who be's rude to you??

  3. Awwwww! What a wonderful day! The kids are freaking adorable. :-)

  4. Ashley, Unfortunately there's a guy who just really likes to pick fights about anything and everything. I'm guessing he's not a fan of the lifestyle but I just got tired of it. No biggie:)

  5. Did you finally ban that guy who wouldn't quit it with you? I'm all for Freedom of Speech and all that, but seriously dude, practice the freedom of stfu and move on. Loser.

  6. Glori, yup that's the guy. I really didn't want to use comment moderation but he was just getting annoying and argumentative. I didn't have time to keep fighting with him and my life isn't really something I try to justify. Freedom of stfu:) you're great.


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