April 9, 2011

Do as I say, Not as I do

My father once said that it would be better to travel across Mexico on the back of a donkey than on an airplane in first class. He said that was the only way to really see a place, in third class.

Parents are parents, no matter how old we get, and as much as they talk about seeing the world in third class safety will always come first. I have to admit, I thought that, if anyone would be supportive of my voluntary homelessness, it would be my father. Instead he was less than thrilled.

Today I got the car started (a nice dry day) and headed back to my apartment to pack up. My parents sent me a check for $175 to get the starter coil on my car fixed. I don't think they quit understand the concept of throwing good money after bad. I ripped up the check and said thanks but no thanks.

French bread and cheese for lunch. I found a door propped open on campus and have been doing homework on this beautiful Saturday

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