January 14, 2012

My 27th Year

First up, I turned 28 years old yesterday. I know it’s not old, but every birthday I look back on the year before and wonder if I made use of that time. Did I waste it? My 24th birthday was spent in the middle of my living room floor with a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of whiskey. After that I really tried to make sure I was taking advantage of the time I had, so here’s a recap of my 27th year (which conveniently runs January to January).

  • This time last year I was starting my second semester of college having decided to return to school after a seven year break.
  • I spent the whole year on dean’s list
  • I took 21 credits a semester to graduate in two years
  • I lived in my car for all but the first two months and have managed to make that work
  • I got an invitation to interview for a teaching position in New Orleans which I will leave for on Thursday
  • I met some great Rubber Tramps and vehicle Dwellers
  • I learned conversational Spanish
  • I took myself to the movies at least every other week for almost the whole year.
  • I got a Kindle and have been reading many more books (I’m reading Tale of Two Cities right now)
  • The day before my birthday I got invited to interview with Teach For America, so I have a backup if teachNOLA goes south.

So I count my 27th year as a success and something worth celebrating. In my 28th year I will graduate, move to a new state (one way or another), get a job in my field, and have a few more adventures.

Speaking of adventures, we are coming dangerously close to go time for this New Orleans thing. I fly down on Thursday (first time on a plane), Interview on Saturday, fly back Sunday, my first day of classes is Monday, Monday night I interview with Teach for America, and then I will collapse in a heap in the middle of the campus common... Through all of this I will be running on lots of coffee and very little sleep. As an added stress, I volunteer with UNICEF and we're gearing up for World Water Week. Here's a little something about the Tap Project:
The UNICEF Tap Project calls on restaurants, dining patrons, students, volunteers, corporations, communities, celebrities and government supporters to help provide clean, safe water to children in need around the world! During World Water Month, March 2012, restaurants across the United States will encourage patrons to donate $1 or more for the tap water they usually enjoy for free. In tandem, UNICEF Tap Project volunteers will support their efforts by conducting local fundraising events and activities.All funds raised support UNICEF’s efforts to bring clean and accessible water to millions of children around the world. With just $1, UNICEF can provide one child access to safe, clean water for 40 days.
It's a great project and easy for businesses so I'm going to be writing lots of letters and dropping in on managers for the next month trying to get them geared up for March. If you're at all interested in recruiting a restaurant click here for more info. 

There will be lots of pictures from New Orleans, everyone cross your fingers that I don't get lost in the airport...


  1. you're cool. happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! And good luck with your interviews. I look forward to your posts about New Orleans.

  3. You are so awesome ash good luck in NOLA, Happy Birthday

  4. Safe and inspiring journey Ash! ~~ Ann

  5. Hope you had a great birthday Ash !!!!!



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