February 21, 2012

Is There A Future?

I've been getting a lot of emails lately about the future of The Tuckerbag now that I'm moving to New Orleans and won't be living in my car. Honestly, it's a question I've been asking a lot of people to. I would love to continue vehicle dwelling, but a southern city is going to be both sweltering hot and heavy on vagrancy laws. Add to that my status as a teacher (people are extra critical of people who deal with their children) and The Tuckerbag may need to be revamped. So, I guess that these are my options:
  1. Continue writing
    • It would become the continuing saga and more about my working as a teacher in NOLA
  2. End the blog but keep it up as a reference
    • I might open a new blog to continue the story, but this site would remain vehicle dwelling only 
Let me know what you guys think and what would be most helpful.


  1. OOOOOPs, I don't know if that posted...ADHD,
    Anyhoo I love your blog and will read whatever you decide to do, whatever feels most comfy to you...
    Waiting for more....

  2. I just want to hear about how you do and how you grow. I am with Brian in saying what ever you feel most comfortable with but...you are about to embark on a journey and I thing I speak for many of us on here..we would like to hear about your new trip. Probably just the Mom in me...

  3. I don't think you should miss a beat. In life we all move on. If we didn't it would be dull and repetitive. You'll have just as much fun writing about your new digs and new local as before. Mi Dos Centavos

  4. OMG Ash

    Keep looking for alternative living arrangements. Maybe you could try out some air-conditioned storage rental lockers. Couch surfing. Sleeping on boats docked in the harbor. Dorm room lobby surfing. There's got to be 1 million strange places you could sleep in ? At least part time ? It will come to you.

  5. Have you ever read the SpartanStudent blog? That is another one I follow closely. He started the blog while vehicle dwelling in college. He has been out of college and out of his van for about a year, but I still love reading his blog. He has his different adventures split up at the top with tabs, and just this week finally revamped his blog with a new picture and name since it is no longer based on vandwelling.

    I think you should continue to share your adventures, and no need to start a new blog for other stories. You can just split it up at the top with tabs. Make a NOLA tab, a vehicledwelling tab, a tab for other adventures, etc. Then just change your picture at the top to match your new theme.

    Who knows, maybe after a few months you'll be comfortable enough in the city to join the vehicle community again!

  6. i agree with the other comments....continue on with the same blog with whatever moves you to share!

  7. Yes... please continue. I also read the Spartan Student ... you two fascinate me. I also love New Orleans and want to read about how you're getting along there...

    good stuff!

  8. I love your blog for you... Keep it going.

  9. We are interested in you and what you have to say. The car living thing is only a small part of what has made you interesting.


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