January 4, 2012

NOLA Interview

Just dropping a quick line to let you all know that I passed the first phase for teach NOLA. Now I have to fly to New Orleans for an interview. I'm still not done weighing the prose and cons, but I'm keeping my options open. Thanks for all the advice!


  1. You know whats good? No matter how things turn out for you regarding NOLA, it is just another experience. Seeing your confidence and personality on your blog, enough said.

  2. I didn't move to MN without seeing the place first. I vacationed there for 4 years before deciding to move there. After I moved the bottom dropped out of the economy and I lost my job. I moved to TX without seeing any of the places where I live and wound up with the job in this bad economy. I realize (on the surface) this may not help, but there is a lesson in there somewhere. I'm still sorting that one out myself.

    Be forewarned that if you choose NOLA, I have one more excuse to go there. We can discuss the finer merits of this lifestyle while nicknaming the local law enforcement personel jiggly body parts over coffee and beignets.

    Good luck whichever path you choose!

  3. Congratulations! Good luck with the interview!

  4. Congratulations!!! So good to hear that. You will never know if you do not try and if it turns out that it is not what you thought then you can always turn down an offer. You have nothing to lose, but so much to gain! Good luck to you.

  5. i saw a jetta like yours today on south hwy 63 but it probley was not you

  6. Yeah! I was just thinking how great it would be to have someone like you teaching those kids. By that l mean, someone like them that has learned to live with less and not caught up in the consumerism whether by choice or circumstance.


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