September 16, 2011

Dawn Of The Ice Age

Last night was the first really cold night of the fall. When I was a kid our house was heated by a small wood stove in the living room and how warm you were at night depended on how close your room was to the living room and if mum and dad remembered to get up and stoke the fire in the middle of the night. Sara, my sister, and I use to climb into bed together so we could pool our blankets. We’d stick our heads under the covers and let the heat from out breath fill the chamber and that’s how we’d sleep all night, two lumps in the center of a bed piled with quilts and wool. When I wok up this morning my head was under the covers and I was dreaming about being nine years old in the winter. Tonight we’re getting down to 35 degrees again and I’ll be breaking out my extra blankets.

I promised a post about dating while vehicle dwelling but wanted to wait to post until me research was complete. I have a date on Saturday so you should be seeing something by Sunday but here are the questions I’m mulling over now:
  1. Where do I tell him I live when he asks?
  2. He wanted to pick me up… where?
Yes, I’m that dedicated that I’m going on an actual date just to give you the inside scoop. I may end up treating him as an experiment and being totally honest: what would happen?


  1. A DATE!!! Holy cow!! Thats great!! So lets see.. You live.. on campus? In Julie's house?


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