September 4, 2011

Portsmouth, NH

I woke up at 3am Friday morning and drove to New Hampshire. Today, on the Tuckerbag, we're touring Portsmouth, one of my all time favorite seacoast towns.

This is a seaport and right across from the Navel Ship Yard. The town has gone through a lot of changes of the past century, but today it's a very small city with concerts in the park, Irish bars, quaint coffee shops, and blues bars.
Plum Island

Prescott Park
The Yatch Club
This is the site for most of the outdoor events in Portsmouth. There are gardens, fountains, and lawns to have a picnic.

NH to Maine Bridge

Portsmouth Music Hall
Great shows! Enjoy a night out with some of the best music and theater NH has to offer

Portsmouth Brewery
Great food and awesome local beer. If you like a good micro brew, this is the place for you. They even offer a sampler so you can aquatint yourself with the full lineup!

Strawberry Bank
Period homes from all over the state have been collected to make a mini village in the center of Portsmouth."Visitors to Strawberry Banke have the opportunity to experience and imagine how people lived and worked in this typical American neighborhood throughout four centuries of history. Through its restored houses, its featured exhibits, its historic landscapes and gardens, and its interpretive programs, Strawberry Banke tells the stories of the many generations who settled in the Portsmouth, NH, community from the late l7th to the mid-20th century." -  Site statement

The Press Room
A great jazz bar! There's always something going on

Prescott Park Fountain
So, check these places out if you're in town, it's a great area and a must see if your in New Hampshire. For more information and a full calendar of all the cool stuff going on in town, check out the Portsmouth Events Calendar



  1. Love the granitee state of mind videos!

  2. I love Portsmouth too. And just across the bridge is Warren's Restaurant. Good foo if your budget allows it!

  3. Just wondering if you plan on living in your car during the winter there in MA. I just found your web site, and I am enjoying reading and learning about living on "the road". I have a van and cannot wait for my lease to be up...

  4. OMGosh! I grew up in Portsmouth - well, Eliot, Maine! I'm a bit envious that you are there, I cannot wait to become more mobile (got issues w/the new-to-me-vehicle and now family drama too)
    I will be leaving Maine, come heck or high water in October!


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