October 7, 2011

A Cold Morning

It was so cold when I woke up this morning that there was ice (ICE!) on the windows. It was 6am and I couldn’t convince myself that getting out of the warm covers was good idea. My solution? I reached for the umbrella (exposing as little skin as possible), used it to depress the clutch, turned the key, cranked the heat, and went back to bed.  Fifteen minutes later I woke up, but this time to a nice toasty car.

Winter's coming!!


  1. yes its coming fast how will u be heating your space ash,

  2. I haven't read your entire blog, but I saw that near the beginning, a starter coil was broken and you ripped up a check intended to fix it. Have you gotten that fixed? Does the car run, and run normally by now?

  3. 444, The starter coil was replaced and the go go gadget red car is running pretty well. She still doesn't like damp too much, but she starts and stays running. Really, that's all I ask:)


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