October 28, 2011

Return of Chris/Nick

I woke up at 5:30 am this morning to 30 degree temps. Yes, that's 3-0 degrees. I was buried under three blankets and a comforter so I didn't really notice the chill until I sat up to shut my alarm off. I started the car and curled back up until the temp went up 25 degrees and it was safe to come out. Lucky for me the shelter opens in less than a week and I don't have to worry about winterizing (or freezing to death).

It looks like there's a road trip in my future! A few years ago I worked on a farm with some great people who have since headed off to all corners of the country. It was suggested that we stage a New Years Eve reunion in Tampa Florida, so we are taking trains, plane, and automobiles from such scenic locations as California, Arkansas, Texas, Pennsylvania, and New York. Because the go go gadget red car won't make it to Florida (the will is there, but I don't trust her temperament) I was thinking of hoping a Greyhound bus. $186 round trip from Hartford, CT to Tampa, FL and it takes 35 hours each way. While I'm totally up for that a friend and I might carpool down for cheaper, which would be awesome. Maybe we can make a DC stop on the way back and spend some time at the Smithsonian! I could make this trip last weeks if allowed, but it will probably be more like a week.

In other news guess who I ran into at Stop and Shop last night... can't guess? Well, I'm getting my dinnertime salad bar (to be wrapped in tortillas) and who should come bee lining for me from the other side of the produce section but Chris-maybe-Nick. You may recall the date from hell last month with the guy whose name I couldn't remember. This is a synopsis of last nights conversation:

NC: I really liked talking to you and it was so nice to meet someone sophisticated (say what?) and intelligent (ah, flattery).
Me: We didn't really talk much
NC: Yeah, I feel like I kind of blew it but I really want a second chance (no eye contact)
Not my actual phone but you get the idea
Me: um, what would you do differently?
NC: um, you know, just talk more (was obviously unprepared for my stealth pop quiz)
Me: I see
NC: So what are you doing this weekend?
Me: Nothing
NC: Do you want to hang out?
Me: Not really

Needless to say he's texted me (classy, right?) asking for another shot three times since last night. How do you block a cell number on my Flintstone aged phone?


  1. Why is it we usually run into the people we least want to see? My phone is probably just like yours so..

  2. You should be able to just call your service provider and have them do it. With Sprint I can go on their website and add numbers to a block list.


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