May 25, 2012

A Cluttered Car

If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, 
of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?
-Albert Einstein

Minus the mattress
Check it out! Yesterday I cleaned the car out and it was like that clique clown car. I just kept pulling stuff out and have now come to two conclusions. The first is that I am the most awesome packer ever. Seriously, this picture doesn't even have my mattress in it and there was still room for me. The second conclusion is that I may have some hoarding tendencies... Not a good thing when your living space is as small as mine.

New Hampshire might be my home for a little bit this summer so for the time being I can unpack the clown car. The best part is taking out the mattress and giving it a serious deep clean.

So today I am going to apply to a few more jobs and wait patiently for responses. Today was my last real paycheck from Massachusetts, so lets hope someone answers soon. 


  1. Holy Moley Girl! You got stuff! Thanks for my first chuckle of the day! Never would have dreamed you could get that much in that car and still have room for you!

    I remember when we moved from our 38' to the 41' Fifth Wheel Camper we have now, we had emptied out the house for the auction and put everything that was in the 38' in the 15x20 dining room to hold for the switch over, we were shocked to find we couldn't even walk through it when it was all put in there.

    We then went to the dealership with just the essentials, (we thought), and it still took us all day to switch over the remaining contents!

    I can't even imagine what the pile would look like kinda scares me even though we try not to collect too much!

    1. We're like goldfish: we grow to fit our environment:)

  2. Hey, can't you get yourself some kind of a bigger van? But then again you might end up filling that up as well.
    How were you ever able to move around inside of your car?

  3. Reminds me alot of myself. I don't even live in my truck, but I gotta move alot things around if by some chance, someone should need to ride with me. That picture is kinda funny though Ash. I had a bit of a laugh and if you don't mind me saying, I did have to give my head a bit of a shake too. lol.


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