May 14, 2012


It has been a wild and crazy weekend!

First of all, I took Friday off of work with the idea that I would watch the commencement at graduation. Bad idea. You might remember that I was having some coolant trouble (I'm going through it way too fast) so I try to avoid traffic jams whenever possible. Unfortunately, with five colleges within ten minutes of each other and graduations going on, traffic was at an all time awful and there I was, smack in the middle of it. Murphy's law: if the car is going to overheat it will be on a hill, on a narrow street, with no  breakdown lane. So there I was with smoke/steam choking out the sun (maybe that's melodramatic). After pulling into someone's driveway and letting the old girl cool off for a bit, I pulled a U-Turn and headed out of town, abandoning graduation entirely. When I stopped to fill up on coolant I found that the reservoir wasn't even attempting to hold liquid and there was a red stream running down the hill away from the car.

I woke up at 8:30am Saturday morning and headed towards campus for a shower. I couldn't get within a mile of the gym as parents from across the country helped their kids move out of the dorms. The Sociology ceremony was at 1pm but with my coolant problem I needed to see a mechanic if I was going to make the trip to New Hampshire for mother's day. Turns out the problem wasn't huge (or at least not expensive) so a few hours and $30 later saw me back on the road and headed north.

Here's the condensed version of my weekend:
  • Took the ocean view scenic route into NH
  • Stopped at Odiorne Point to dip my toes in the Atlantic (see calming video above)
  • Had Margaritas with Julie
  • Ate awesome Salmon and had a few beers with friends
  • Slept on the pull out couch
  • Got woken up at 6am by an eight year old poking me in the back of the head
  • Had lovely omelets for breakfast
  • Drove to see my folks
  • Had a few beers, chilled out, chatted
  • Had LOBSTER for lunch (oh yeah)
  • Drove back to Mass
And that's about the point that I collapsed from exhaustion.

I only have one week left in Massachusetts and, after three years, I think I'm feeling a bit nostalgic. Stay tuned for the employment 

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