Great Blogs

One of the first questions I get when people find out how I live is "where do you use the bathroom?" (I often feel like an astronaut) After that it's "How do you know how to do this stuff?" People always wonder how I know about insulation, where to sleep, mail forwarding, and all the other useful stuff for full time dwellers. Well here's my secret: I read and I ask. The vehicle dwelling community is full of interesting and exciting people, many of whom have been doing this for years and know all the tricks. If you haven't checked out the vandweller forum, please do; it's a wealth of information. Along with that there are dozens of great blogs written by people on the road dealing with the same issues you're dealing with. Take a look, post a comment, ask them a question; They're adventures are better than any novel. These are some (certainly not all) of my favorites so check them out.
  • Not an RV dweller but some great crafts that can really perk up your small space. She always has interesting tips and projects
  • These guys are totally cool. They even earn a living while full timing! Great tips and fun to read.
  • Not in an RV but a woman who is trying to live well and live cheap with kids. She does some great projects and has wonderful ideas that work for everyone.
  • A cool guy who lives in an awesome rig. I want it!
  • A deep look at life, both on the road and off. Think traveling poet/philosopher and a great read.
  • Great book reviews from some great ladies. Check them out and discovers some great titles to read on the road (not while you're driving, of course).
  • Glen's a pretty cool guy with a pretty cool saxophone (have I mentioned I play the sax?). He's also living my dream life right now, complete with the cat.
David Drifter
  • He's a true wanderer but I'd be dead if I got into half the shenanigans that he does... but it's nice to live vicariously. 
Many Wheels and Blue Sky Expeditions
  • Brian and Cate have awesome adventures, share great photos, and are staples of the mobile community. You have questions, they have answers.
So check these guys out, lend them some support, ask some questions. They're all great reads and there are so many more out there. (PS: If you're not on this list, you probably will be soon)