Helpful Books

I read a lot and there are some great books out there about living alternatively. Some cover vehicle dwelling, some have off the grid info, all of them are useful. Check them out!

            I got this book years ago and it has been the most helpful resource I’ve ever owned. I have the fourth edition, which I like better than the newer ones. Each page has jobs, the salary, the state, and everything you need to know about the position. If you’re traveling around the country and need short term jobs where you settle, this is the book for you.

            Get inspired! This is a great resource that talks about all sorts of low impact travel related stuff. Two example that I loved: 1) Potts discusses what it’s like to talk to people when you come home and the blank looks you’ll get. No one will ever fully understand the things you’ve seen and done. 2) Potts goes through packing your rack sack, the things you need, and the things you don’t.

            The world’s a big place but this covers a big chunk of it. Do you want to work picking grapes in Spain? Herding cattle in Australia? Wherever you’re going this has some great short term job ideas and the info on how to get them. Especially handy is the info on what documentation you will need to work in each country (ie: work visa, etc)

            An amazing book about both the history and the culture of the nomad throughout the world. A really fascinating book.

The Zincali: an account of the gypsies of Spain By George Henry Borrow
            Written in 1907 by a guy spreading the gospel around Europe, this book is surprisingly honest and and contains some very interesting first hand accounts of different gypsy cultures. The writing style is very informal for the time of publication and Borrow really seems to enjoy talking about different dialects, songs, customs, and ideologies. It's free on amazon and well worth the read.

I add to this list as I come across cool stuff so keep checking back. If you would like to recommend a helpful book, give me a shout.