July 16, 2012

I'm Still Here

Don't say you don't have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.
- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Do Not Be Alarmed! I'm still here and have gotten through most of my summer in New Hampshire relatively unscathed. There are a few reasons I haven't written lately: the first is that I've been really busy with work and the second is that my hosts turned their internet off. So here I am, sitting at the library catching up on all the emails (43), bills (4), and book club updates (3).

With all due respect to the above quote, I need more hours in the day! I'm still broke (but working) and will soon be leaving my friend's home and striking out on my own again. I want to move back into the Jetta, but my father is less than thrilled about the idea. He wants me to aim bigger, like a camper. The problem there is that a camper costs money and rig to haul it costs money (I'd sell the Jetta) and the place to park it costs money. What's the one thing I don't have? Money! (and time... oh shush!).

The beach I eat lunch at
Against my better judgment I looked into apartments and found that they are way out of my price range. Really they're only $500/month with roommates, but after living the mobile life I find that hard to justify. That leaves option C (I think we're at C): A van of some kind that is cheap, can be converted, and can blend in. Did I mention the Jetta failed inspection? I need $150 worth of wires and plugs to keep her on the road.

So be patient folks! I'm still here and will be sending along more updates soon as I find a new place to live and struggle with preschool education...


  1. I am reeeeeally wanting to convert a van, right now I'm living with friends and crave by-myself/moveable space!

  2. I highly reccomend mini vans. One would seem like a mansion compared to your Jetta. They get so much better gas milage than the bigger vans, it is worth having less space. You can find them relatively cheap too. (I bought mine while I was a broke preschool teacher :)

  3. I second the minivan, even though I've got a big E250 now. Since you're moving from a Jetta, a minivan will feel huge. I had an AWD Toyota Previa that I loved. -PddlngMn

  4. I am looking forward to seeing the choices you make. LG


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