August 15, 2012

The Boulder

What a week!

My car was suppose to pass inspection on Thursday, wiring and plugs that came to about $230. So I picked her up from the shop Thursday night and on the seat was a note. Drive her 100 miles to reset the check engine light and bring her back for a sticker. So Friday I took a two hour lunch break, drove 45 minutes to my mechanic, and he plugged her into the state for inspection.


After all that work? Something was missed and my car would be illegal to drive as of Saturday. Lots of pouting later I called the folks, we were suppose to go see the family for Maine Lobster over the weekend.

Figuring I'd bring her back to the shop on Monday, the Go Go Gadget Red Car was parked in their driveway and we all loaded into the pickup to head north. It was a good time, lots of catching up, and lots of lobster.

So we got back Sunday afternoon to find that, a HUGE boulder had slid down the hill and almost creamed my car. The girl has nine lives, being narrowly missed by both the rock and a post that almost took the door out.

On Monday morning I tried to start her up to bring her back to the shop, but show wouldn't catch. You're probably thinking what I was: She ran fine last week but after getting all the wiring redone she kibbies? Needless to say I was mighty ticked off. After almost an hour of coaxing I gave up and dad drove me into work. Luckily she did start Monday night after sitting in the sunshine all day.

So now she's at the shop, getting more things done (which better be cheap). It's upsetting that she ran fine until the state said I needed wires, but at 15 years old and 209,500 miles she's reaching a very finicky stage of life.

A man once told me that the only thing between a vehicle dweller and a street dweller was a mechanic and, as I prepare for what could be my sixth night with my parents, I can't help wonder if this is the kind of life event that calls for a new plan.


  1. Live with your parents for maybe a year and save up for a half way decent vehicle?

  2. The adventures of old red. lol. I know how frustrating things can be with older vehicles. Even the newer ones break down though. When I was younger I always used to have at least one extra vehicle just like the one I was driving, just for parts, but I guess that would be hard if you don't have any place to leave it. I used to do alot of my own fixing too though when I could. I can remember being in situations in far away places and broke down too. Kinda sucked. Now days I hate it when someone else tries to fix my vehicles, some of them don't care as much as others and they charge rediculously. Keeping a vehicle running is something that will probably always haunt you, unless you quit driving. If I wanted to do alot of traveling and living in the vehicle, I would probably get a van. Not a fancy camperized one, but just an inconspicuous plain van with little for windows. I think I'm probably going to do it sometime in the future. Just thought I would share this with you. What ever it is you end up doing, I wish you lots of luck. Not that you'll need it or anything, but good luck anyways. Life sure can be an adventure at times. I'm on one myself. lol.

  3. the death of the Jetta makes me weep Ash. 35 years later, I still mourn the loss of my 1970 Oldsmobile Delta 88, gas guzzling rocket 350 (ask your dad about that engine!). That baby could seat 8 and a cooler of beer, and with said 8 people and cooler frickin FLY over Afton Mountain
    (which Ken Keesey and the Merry Pranksters did in the opposite direction in 1967), at ~90 MPH, here in Virginny. And on one red necked occasion, we lost a State Trooper on a gravel road. If you could stealth camp these days, which you can't because of its size, in my old girl, Big Green, you are talking a 600 sq, ft. apartment!
    PS (aien't it something that some people mourn the loss of cars like some people mourn the loss of relatives or pets?


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