August 25, 2012

The Great Escape

“Reading is one form of escape. Running for your life is another.”
- Lemony Snicket 

I'm out! Here's the story.

My landlord (who drives a $60K car and rents weekly rooms) was too busy on Tuesday (the day I moved in) to get me the lease to sign. He told me he'd be by on Saturday morning but, on Thursday evening I found that my roommates were having drugs delivered to the apartment. First I wrote about it here (I think best when I have everything written down) and you guys were pretty adamant that I should leave while I could and before this effected my teaching career (as a teacher it wouldn't look good to have my house busted for illicit drugs).

I had Friday off so I called my little sister in the morning to get her opinion. She agreed with Steve; yes I could handle it but I shouldn't need to. Next I called the folks and that's when things got crazy. My father was on his way back to their house and turned around. He was at my place within five minutes and in another seven I was completely moved out. Yup, I have so few possessions that it only took a couple trips, bed and truck included. I left the keys on the windowsill. I called the landlord, got voice mail, and asked him to call me back. He texted, I told him (again) to call me. I still haven't heard from him but I'm going to be asking for a full refund since I was only there for three days.

So that was yesterday at about 11am. Last night I slept in my sister's old bedroom. It's covered in painted stars by day and a glow in the dark galaxy at night, which is a little disconcerting. I'm going to spend the day doing laundry and applying to wilderness therapy jobs.

Thanks for the input guys, it was very helpful.


  1. Glad you got out Ashley. Hope your next place is a lot better!

  2. I'm sure there are many of us that know you only through your blog that are breathing a sigh of relief.

  3. Yay, good for you Ash...that was a disaster looking for a place to happen....nice try will get better. Meanwhile enjoy the stars, etc...hugs,

  4. lol. What an experience. Glad to see you're out of there too. I think it would have probably drove you nuts after while, if nothing else. There are all kinds out there. I hope the landlord is fair with refunding your money and not going to give you the run around. He might be good with it though, who knows.


    1. Very glad to here you are out of there before anything else happens. Made for great stuff for your blog though!

  5. OMG

    I thought everybody knows, someone who rents out room per the week is AKA SLUMLORD , no lease is ever required, CASH in HAND allows you to move in, No credit check, No references, NO Refunds, No exceptions, No complaints to the management. When you move out you normally take the carpets & sheetrock with you in leu of your deposit being returned. The smart drunks pay rent at the end of the week - always one week behind, so if the building burns down you have lost nothing.

  6. I strongly agree that you did the right thing. They say all things happen for a reason.

  7. to your credit, I have never seen the words "scandalously short" apply to a drunk, seemingly on the verge of being either jailed, stroked out or homeless, grandfather's bathrobe. Keep writing and embellishing. lol as well

  8. I am glad you were able to vacate safely!

    I was also in a rooming house in the 1990s and they had a psycho guy (used to send black roses to the girl who dumped him, etc.) running the place. There were problems all the time with strangers in and out, alcohol, drugs, thefts. Such situations seldom improve.

    One last thought... The owner did not have the property registered as a rooming house. I reported the old fart to the building department and it cost him thousands in fines and construction costs to put a new roof on and bring the rest of the house up to code. Had he given me a refuund...

    Take care and continued well wishes!

  9. Glad you are out of there and I hope you do get your money back.


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