October 25, 2012


Did you know that my daily commute time is about three hours? My father drives me 25 minutes to the bus stop in the morning, then a 45 minute to 1 hour bus ride, then a twenty minute walk. In the afternoon I do it in reverse. What I'm getting at is that the countdown is on until next Thursday when I can walk fifteen minutes to work. I won't know what to do with so many extra hours in my day!

Even if I disregard the commute, today was rough. The kids were nuts and refused to nap and parents (mainly mothers) don't like it when their children are out of control at pick up and won't listen to them. They like it even less when the child listens to the teacher and not the mother. It's like I've stomped on something holy and off-limits, home is not suppose to overlap with school and mothers should never be upstaged. Between the parents and their kids I found myself willing the weekend closer, which is not like me.

I get a lot of compliments about my class, parents, like one today, who say "Ben was playing with Dad's globe yesterday and we had no idea that he knew all the continents!". Well lady, not only does he now know the continents, he also knows at least three countries on each continent and what language they speak there! I recognize that no mother wants to share their child and that I will, should I ever have children, feel the same way someday, but parents need to accept that they are co-parenting with teachers and that we spend equal amounts of time with kids. If they don't speak to their children about what they are learning in school, at least keep in touch with the teacher. We're not just baby sitting, we spend each day trying to prepare them for what's coming. I honestly never realized how uninterested parents could be until working with pre-K kids.


  1. Mine is 4 hours total, 2 hours each way. I'm glad you'll be able to get that shortened so much!


  2. You actually probably spend more time with their kids then they do.


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