October 20, 2012


As of November 1st I am going to become (GASP!) a renter. I know! It's such a waste of money and completely against everything I've learned. Why pay money to live in someone else' home? I'm not going to walk away with anything at the end and it's just going to cost more in the winter... I have justified this decision by reminding myself that time is money and right now I am wasting time by commuting an extra two hours a day by bus. I am moving closer to work, and that alone might be enough, but I am also getting a library card. I know, my sister thinks I'm a dork, but I love libraries and now I can read all the time! Very exciting, and I can also get resources for my classroom. Yup, dorky.

This month my class has (deep breath!) learned why leaves change color in the fall, read two chapter books, studied Vincent Van Gogh and tried to recreate his paintings, created a cardboard box village, learned how to write letters E-I, made a rocket, grown celery on the window sill, raised $150 for Heifer International through their Read to Feed program, gone on four nature walks, sprouted a potato, experimented with gravity and carbon dioxide, and aced the first grade math standards. Whew! I'm exhausted and I'm sure my kids are too, but we're having fun and I'm gearing up for next month with a visit to a ballet studio and a new world map.

My sister is still here in New Hampshire reminding my why we didn't spend a lot of time together during our high school years. She turns 27 years old in November and is still into the heavy drinking and party phase while I was never that good at partying (though drinking was never a problem). It nice that we have a boat load of other things to talk about.


  1. You've made it, girl. You are a successful (and busy) teacher. Be picky with where you rent. Watch out for douchebags and joint smokers!

  2. I know what you mean about renting. But it's not a bad thing. I know you'll find a safe place!

    Thanks for posting about it 'cause you helped answer a question for me. I was wondering how to vandwell year round in Iowa (as cold as where you are)... I can rent a tiny room for a couple months!

    1. Renting can work for the winter, but I lived in my Jetta all last winter and it was great! I'd do it again if I had a car...


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