February 8, 2012

NOLA: Accepted!

I have a tendency to leap before looking. I quit jobs and homes when I get tired of them, often not thinking about the consequences of rash and ill-informed decisions. As a result I cause my self some last minute stress, but it's hard to learn my lesson when everything always works out in the end.

This afternoon I got an email from Teach NOLA and I'm in like Flynn. I begin training on June 1st just a few weeks after I graduate, and in August will begin at a local elementary school making good use of my shiny new degree. For now I can take a deep breath, focus on passing Spanish, and start looking for potential short term accommodations.


  1. Congrats! I thought the denied you though?

  2. Thanks! I was denied by Teach for America, my plan B. What does this teach us about having back up plans?

  3. So Happy for you . I love reading your blog.

  4. Yay dude! Julia and I are gonna visit the hell outta you in Nawlins! (or, as my inner New Englander says it, Nahlins)

  5. Oh I see, I thought they were one in the same thing when they were two different things. Man my critical reading skills are really starting to just suck these days too.

  6. That is amazing news Ash, except for the whole having to work thing. Have fun In NOLA, but I hope you get an apt or something just until you learn the new city.

  7. Fantastic. You are definitely going places. !!!

  8. Hey Ash

    congrats !!

    On your new job & 60 - 80 hour work week....Now get busy with that other little project :-)) My predictions are spot on !!!

    thanks Jerry

  9. P.S. you might want to be careful !!!

    In like Flynn


    To be quickly and/or emphatically successful, usually in a sexual or romantic context.


    This phrase is commonly said to be a reference to Errol Flynn, the Australian film actor. Flynn was famous for his romantic swashbuckler roles in Hollywood films and for his flamboyant private life. His reputation as a hard-drinking, hell-raising ladies' man was apparently well justified, although it has doubtless been enhanced by his delight in playing up to his image.

    you might have meant this:

    In like Flint

    The expression is "in like Flint", and it comes from the 1967 movie of the same name: In like Flint. James Coburn played superspy Derek Flint. Flint was an expert at sneaking in and getting a dangerous job done.

    That was a good slip up !!!

  10. So proud of you Ash !! That is fantastic news ! Now how will that affect your CarDwelling ????

  11. Way to go !!! I am so PROUD of YOU!!!!!

  12. Congratulations Ash!!!


  13. Oooo la la! A little French might help too! Congrats Ash. See you on Sunday! ~~ Auntie Ann

  14. Heartfelt congratulations from the heartland!

    Awesome! I am delighted for you!


  15. Hiii! I've been accepted to the NASHVILLE Teaching Fellows, which also is part of the New Teacher Project. We're almost like coworkers...

    Hope you're doing well!

    Katie Payne

    1. Yeay! I have someone to commiserate with! No pay for a whole summer... That's going to be tough.


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