May 18, 2011

Coffee Addicts Unite!

I’m one of those people who get headaches when they don’t have their daily caffeine dose. I can go without my morning coffee, but I’m not going to be happy about it and neither will you. Now that I’m backseat living there’s no coffee pot and, as a result, cups of coffee have become a disproportionate expense (Between $7 and $14 a week).

First I tried switching to tea. I got a box of teabags for $2.50 or so and it was kind of nice sitting with a cup of Chai or Cranberry on a moist morning. But I drink my coffee black so, while tea was comforting, it didn’t really compare to the vice it was substituting.

Now I’m trying instant. It kind of freaks me out and I haven’t really got the proportions figured (coffee flavored water!) but I’m trying to lower my standards. If only I had a camp fire… I’m also looking into these coffee pots that plug into your cigarette lighter, but I feel like that would make me even more conspicuous. 

I just took another sip of this instant; totally not going to cut it.


  1. I have yet to find a good tasting instant coffee, I use a single cup drip coffee making since you mentioned having tea I figured you have hot water i have something like this it works great href=">coffee

  2. David, during the week I can get hot water from the water coolers in some of the buildings. That drip coffee cup might work perfectly!

  3. David is right, those melitas make great coffee! a good thermos will keep your coffee hot over night, too.

  4. I've been known to pour hot water over coffee in a doubled up paper towel held over a cup. Google 'coffee without maker' for plenty of varying directions.

  5. I know this is probably late, but foldgers makes these single serving coffee ground tea bags that you are able to put in water. I drink them often. :D

  6. Try a JetBoil with a French Press. you can make coffee in two minutes. Be sure to warm up the burner for a few minutes, turn it off, then attach the liter cup, fill with water and restart it. No flare ups if you do it that way.

  7. Total necro-thread here (new comment on old post) - but you can simply use a french press. They make any number of sizes, including a 12 oz. Likely can even find it at your walmart :)

    You can buy coffee beans and grind them in the in-walmart (or grocery store) grinder - the beans need to be a little more coarse than for auto-drip coffee. If there is a "percolator" setting - use that.

    Pretty much all you need is very hot or boiling water. I trust you've got a hot plate or some form of kettle or a coleman stove by now, probably a moot point. I just hate to see anybody using instant coffee.


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