October 29, 2012

Welcoming Sandy

I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.
-W.C. Fields

The Potting Shed
I woke up this morning and started looking at school closings. I'm pretty sure I was told that when the public schools in town were closed so was the childcare center, so when I saw the big red CLOSINGS note at the bottom of WMUR's newscast and watched as dozens of schools ticks by, I knew I wasn't going anywhere today. Unfortunately I was wrong and the center was open. Oh well, I'll feel guilty tomorrow but right now I'm busy filling gallon jugs with water in case the power goes off.

With so many trees around here Mum's waiting for one to fall on her potting shed, but so far the wind isn't too bad. Staying home means that Mum, Sara, and myself are stuck in a very small house with hardly any walls and a limited TV channel selection. To pass the time we're watching A Very Good Year and drinking more than a healthy amount of coffee.

The Christmas Box
I spent the weekend packing up my belongings and once again am faced with the alarmingly small pile of boxes and duffle bags which make up my life. It can't measure more than 4X3 square and it's mostly clothes. As I was pulling stuff out of the closet Sara and I found what appears to be a box of Christmas presents that were never mailed to Montana. It's not from last year which leaves 2010 and begs the questions: What is the she;f life of loose tea?

I hope everyone, having stocked up on bourbon and library books, is prepared for the impending storm. Keep safe.


  1. The picture of the potting shed is beautiful!

    1. Isn't that cool? My sister and I helped build it when we were kids, back when it was our sheep shed.

  2. Love the W C Fields quote, I can resonate to that.....


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