November 21, 2011

Learn A Language

One of the most asked questions is what I do with my spare time. No dishes to wash, floors to vacuum, or lawn to mow means that I have a ton of free hours in the day and people just starting out sometimes find they are board with no couch to veg on. Every once in a  while I post about crafts or outings but another great use of your time is to learn a language.

It's a global world so why not invest some of that excess time in learning Russian, Spanish, Gaelic, or Korean? Gone are the days of private language tutors or courses you could only take in a  classroom. In 2011 there are literally hundreds of sites with lesson plans, audio, flash cards, games, and even peer discussions. These are perfect for the vehicle dweller on the go (or even the busy sticks and bricks dweller). Here are a few that either I use or have been recommended to me
These are just some free sites but there is, of course, software out there ranging from $20 to a few hundred. There are also many different language sites so jump on Google and start looking for Swahili or Finnish or whatever you have an interest in. You have the time: use some of it to expand your mind!


  1. I just love this website that lists all kinds of places to learn stuff for free...

  2. There are also a bunch of old Foreign Service Institute language books and "tapes" available online. They're mostly from the 40's-80's, but there's about 30 languages available, and all the stuff is free to DL.

  3. Ooh, thanks for the links! I need to do some reviewing of a certain first language.


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