November 24, 2011

Thankgiving "Post"

The Saturday Evening Post is as American as... well... Thanksgiving. Tonight, on this day of Turkey and thanking I thought it was appropriate to see some Thanksgiving traditions as they appear through the years.

Yesterday afternoon I drove the three hours from school to New Hampshire. I get to see some friends, have some food, and I even got to see part of the Macy's Day parade, which is really my favorite part of this holiday.

Having bee fully indoctrinated into Massachusetts culture over the past three years of residency, the first thing I did when I the the boarder was stop at the Liqueur store. Mass has a wicked liquor tax and NH is tax free. The Granite state has taken full advantage by setting up barn sized state liqueur stores on either side of the main highways. I picked up a handle of rum (my host's favorite) and a bottle of decent Cabernet (my favorite). When the girl at the register carded me she saw that my driver's licence had expired about a month ago. Who knew? Well not me. That's one more thing I'll have to get done while I'm up here. So, License tomorrow, kid's basket ball game on Saturday, Five year old's birthday party on Sunday, then back to Mass. Somewhere in there I have to get a couple of essays done, but for now I'm going to snuggle under an electric blanket and watch the Great Pumpkin.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


  1. hope your turkey day was a good one stay warm my little freind

  2. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving !!


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