November 1, 2011

The Day After

I met a gentleman at the bus stop today who was such a grouchy old man that he could have been a sitcom character. He wore a New York Yankees jacket and hat (which in Massachusetts boarders on heresy) and passed the time complaining about the stupidity of college kids. There was a lot of "when I was that age" and melodramatic horror stories about working at a liquor store in the 80's. How old do I look that I am a potential companion to crotchitiness?

Thanks to everyone for checking on me this weekend, I like it that there are people out there who would notice if I disappeared. 40% of the town has power today and the college is open (no classes yesterday). It's getting pretty chilly at night (high 20's) but the shelter opens tonight and I might check in for the evening. I've discovered that while I can deal with extreme cold my electronics cannot. I grew up in a house heated by wood and constantly in a state of sweltering heat or freezing cold. My mother and I were talking yesterday about when I was a kid and we use to take the toothpaste to bed with us so it would be thawed when we brushed our teeth in the morning. One thing I can say for my folks is that they taught us to live through anything.

Good luck to all you New Englanders who are still digging out.


  1. Love the toothpaste story! I live in a hot and cold house too, but not that cold. God Bless!

  2. That man at the bus stop sounds like my granddad. lol Glad you are doing alright after the freak blizzard.


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