December 19, 2011

Post Semester Sicklies

Fall semester is over, finals are over, and I'm sick. I'll bet than it's adrenalin withdrawal rather than a bug, but that doesn't make it any better. Lucky for me I'm house sitting for a friend while she's home for the holidays. That means I have a futon to crash on and the Disney channel to veg in front of. It also means I can escape the pre Christmas crazies that have taken over my parking lot. On Saturday, my first day with no homework to do, I slept until 1pm and woke up to a very loud car alarm going off a few spaces over. I haven't slept that late in ten years so I really shouldn't haven been surprised when sickness followed.

In other news, I got an email about Florida today and my traveling partner might be pulling out. More to come!


  1. Sorry you have the sickies :( its better to be sick in a warm house with the cable going. Sleep sleep drink water and sleep more.

  2. Oh no! I hate it when that happens, a vacation falling apart I mean. Hope they get it together.

  3. Sorry about the illness and email. Hang in there; it'll get better and you can Disney Channel yourself to wellness.

    Take 'care,'

  4. I am glad I am not the only who loves vegging out with Disney, hope you feel better, get lots of rest, I would send you some soup, but it usually leaks out of the envelope, so I send love and happy holiday wishes.

  5. Merry Xmas and feel better soon Ash.

  6. Hi Ash,
    Take good care of youself and feel better soon. Happy Holidays to you...


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