December 13, 2011

Hometown Travel

This morning it was back to my many unanswered emails (thanks for being patient). A bunch of people were saying how they wanted to ramble but temperarily chained down. Well, here you go folks:

Some people cannot leave their current location. Maybe they have a house they just can’t walk away from or kids in school or a parent they need to be near. This can get frustrating, I’m less tied down than most people but being in college still keeps me locked into a region when I would much rather be globetrotting. Remember that quote, “the grass is always greener…”? The fact is that you probably have some pretty cool stuff going on right in or near your town. If you can’t travel across the country, think about traveling across the county instead. Here’s how you can get started.
  • Most towns have a community web page and calendars, like this one in Springfield Mass. Maybe there’s a play going on or an art exhibit nearby.
  • If you can’t fly to Thailand, maybe you can go out to a Thai restaurant or make a Thai dish at home. Check out's wold cuisine section for ideas like Morocan Ksra and Spanish Tapas.
  • OK, so no one really likes subtitles, but there are some great foreign films out there that can really give you a sence of the culture better than Hollywood does. Try touring the world through cinima by having travel film nights. Here are some of my favorites
  • There are people that come to your state from other states just to see all the cool stuff that you probubly take for grantid. Take advantage of your state's tourism department or even a border state for a day trip. New Hampshire (my home state) has a great web site with itineraries and info on shopping and play, I'm sure your state has something similar. 
  • Technology is something else. Did you know that there are walking tours of almost anywhere availible through iPhone? Rick Steves (awesome!) has walking tours of  international cities, but there are tours of everywhere from major US cities to parks and trails through sites like City Slickers and GPS My City.
These are just a few of the many options you have. Don't feel like just because a job or house is tying you down you can't have some adventures.


  1. Nice ideas, thanks.

    Back before we were ramblers, we would occasionally do a night out in our own town, complete with a B&B stay, when we could afford it. I'd look around as though I'd never been there before, and it would actually feel new.

  2. Good ideas! Since my itinerary is determined by my job, I try to find cool things about wherever I go. When I ask the locals an amazing number of them respond "I don't know, there's nothing interesting around here."

  3. When I go on vacation I try to go as far as I can. Last year I got Argentina apartments and travelled to Buenos Aires. My friends thought it was crazy but then loved the idea!


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