September 8, 2012

Pre-K Promotion

Just when I thought I was on track (maybe not a clear track, but still...) the deck gets reshuffled. I began my current job as a preschool teacher in July. Eight two year olds led by myself and a co-teacher. I wrote lesson plans, got to know the parents, got into a groove with the co-teacher, and pretty much had it figured out. Then the pre-K teacher gave his notice and within sixteen hours I became the new pre-K teacher.

Yup, I got promoted (if you want to call it that) to my own classroom with older kids (3-5 years old) and now have to relearn my whole job. I need to read up on the age group (because I've never worked with kids this age), write a new lesson plan (school starts on Monday), and get to know the kids (who are slightly confused with the changes). It's a challenge, but the freedom is good and I like the older kids. I just wish it came with more than a $1 raise.

In other news I'm still battling that landlord from last month. Quick recap: I rented a weekly paid room in what is basicly a boarding house, but after three days found that my roommates were having curb side narcotic drop offs (like pizza!). I moved out and have been trying to get my money back for the last two weeks. I call the guy every day and on 8/28 he texted me back saying "My apologies for not getting back to you. I'm traveling and will be back in town this weekend. I will call you and we will get together and settle up." Well, the weekend came and went with no phone call and I started my daily calls back up on Monday. Finally last night I called him from the bus stop and said, basically, that it had been two weeks and if I didn't hear from him by Monday I would explore other options. Low and behold, he texted back (this guy REALLY doesn't want to talk with me) claiming he texted me last Sunday asking for my address and the name of the roommate that was having drugs delivered. I never got a text, but that's beside the point, and I told him this morning that I was not going to name names. They were nice guys, just involved in stuff that, as a teacher, I can't get mixed up in. I haven't heard back but I've given him a deadline and if he doesn't stick to it I'm going to get vindictive (legally, of course).

Alright, enough chatter. I'm heading back to finish next week's lesson plan.


  1. Wow...that's not a lot of money for being a teacher. No matter what the age group is.

    Good job you are a pro at keeping your expenses down.

    1. The lamentation of teachers all over the country! You're right though, I can make this work:)

  2. Good luck with the new age group. Hopefully no diaper changes any more.

  3. Congratulatons on the promotion! You know a $1 an hour is nothing to sneeze at, my last raise I got .50 and was over the moon about it.

    I can see you on one of the Judge shows on TV!

  4. That crappy guy of a land lord needs to smarten up, before he's gonna get into serious trouble with the law. You have done well, Ashley!


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