November 20, 2012

Censoring Madeline

Last night I went on a shopping spree at my local library and, among other things, I picked up a copy of Mad About Madeline (the complete Madeline collection) by Ludwig Bemelmans. I always loved these books and hoped they would give the kids some idea (through the pictures, of course) of what Paris looks like.

Would you believe that some idiot used a pen to scratch out words that they (presumably) felt were controversial or inappropriate? "Among other words guillotine" was replaced with "mean machine" and "molest" with "bother". Who in their right mind would deface Madeline?


  1. I love those book too! Not for me but for my niece. We used to read them together when she was little. They also made Madeline computer learning games which I had to buy for her. I shelled out a small fortune for it all, and can't help but crack a smile when I see them in stores from time to time.

  2. i LOVE those books, and i HATE book censoring! ugh!


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