November 4, 2012


“Women usually love what they buy, 
yet hate two-thirds of what is in their closets.” 
― Mignon McLaughlin

I am a nester at heart.

I think I mentioned this way back when I moved into the Jetta; if given unlimited money and space I would probably be either a severe shopaholic or some kind of hoarder, but either way my house would be over run with stuff I don't need.

Because this is the largest place I've lived since March of 2011 I have found myself spreading out over the past few days. Those three boxes and two duffle bags shown in the last post held all my clothes, one cooking pot, one bowl, one fork... You get the idea. My room was pretty sparse and if I'm going to be living here for the next few months I wanted to aim for homey. With that in mind I went shopping.

Yesterday was my little sister's birthday. She turned 27 years old (which makes me feel old) and she and Dad went up north to window shop for ski gear. Sara had picked me up Friday night and made me stay with the folks for her birthday, but because I have no use for heavy winter stuff I took Mum on an outing. She got to see my new place and we attacked Salvation Army where I found some lamps and, best of all, a mattress for $6.99. I know, I was a little sketched out too, but they said it was practically wrapped when they got it so I'm taking a chance. For about $50 I pretty much decked out my room so, when it comes time to leave, I won't feel bad leaving it all behind me. The last thing I need to get is a bucket of paint. which makes my cheap and crappy items into something usable and cute. I'm thinking white and teal...

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  1. Ashley, most of us have stuff we don't need. Look at all the garages in modern subdivisions. The $30,000 SUV is parked outside and inside there is just....junk nobody needs. Being a winter camper aka snowbird, we learned what unnecessary stuff we had and needed to get rid of. Haven't reached the goal yet, but working at it. You should check out my posts about the "Class B" camper I created from a passenger van, which of course, will be a passenger van again come next summer. It's all within reach.


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