January 24, 2013

Cold Mornings

Today the New Hampshire seacoast is 1 degree but with windchill it's down to -15. Not good news for someone who walks to work each morning, but luckily my coworkers have taken pity on me and offer to pick me up so I don't catch hypothermia and miss more work. Unfortunately there's no one to drive me to the grocery and I've been too lazy to walk there in this weather so the fridge is as bare as it's ever been. Maybe tonight I'll dawn my woolens and make the trek.

I got over that stomach bug I had last week but now have a head cold. I think the reality is that I've had a cold all winter but sometimes it gets overshadowed by something worse. If that's the case then this is the closest I've been to healthy since December. All my kids are sick and wanting to be cuddled constantly. My hips and neck are sore from them hanging on my and I've learned the age old mommy skill of living life one handed.

As cold as it is this morning I keep thinking that at this point last year I was still in the Jetta. Actually at this point last year I had just flown back from New Orleans where it was nice and toasty, but I then went through some wicked cold mornings in the go go gadget red car making me wish I was back in New Orleans for good. Oh well, when I start vehicle dwelling again I'm going to be smart and drive south for the winter months like Gypsy Jane.

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