January 1, 2013

Romahome Van

I may not live in a car anymore, but the cool gadgets and ingenuity of the lifestyle still makes my heart skip a beat. Check out this great van from Romahome, a company based in the UK. If you wanted to buy this R10 used it would cost around 17,000 pounds (which is about $27k these days), so it's an investment but really no more than a good car and it has all the gadgets!


  1. When I see this thing driving on the wrong side of the road I'm getting dizzy.

  2. There are so many affordable campervans in Europe that I would LOVE to have. Wish we had some right here available to all of us. I've never seen anyone go to Europe, buy one, travel Europe and then bring it back here. I would love to do that, but guess there is a reason that has not been happening. If you hear of anything, please let us know! Linda


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