January 17, 2013

Sick Again

I was sent home sick on Tuesday with a fever of 100 and spent yesterday with the worst stomach bug ever! I know, I had the flu last month and I'm sure some of you are wondering what what the heck is wrong with my immune system. In defense of my antibodies, I spend every day with nine tiny kids who are just learning how to blow their noses and want to be consistently hugged. I was thinking about getting a flu shot, but with everything that's going around this year I'm skeptical about how much it would actually protect me. Honestly it couldn't be any worse than catching every stray germ that waltzes through the school, so I should probably think about it.

My birthday was only four days ago and it feels like it never happened, which was kind of the point in not celebrating it. I am, however, trying to stay focused on the resolutions I made so I bought myself new strings for my violin and this nifty wall hanger so I don't have to unpack the instrument each time I want to play. I can just snatch it off the wall, play a few notes, and hang it back up. As for traveling I've become somewhat addicted to hotwire.com and have narrowed my potential destinations down to Copenhagen ($1100), Casablanca ($750), or Madrid ($1059). The Morocco trip has an 11 hour layover in Rome, which would be pretty nice, but I'm still debating. More to come!


  1. how do you find those trip plans like that??

    1. I got tips from friends who travel a lot, so I'm passing along their stellar insights. Overseas travel can be really expensive, but if you're willing to go against the grain you can shave a few hundred bucks off the top. Try looking for off season deals first, like Moscow in March. I could go from 3/20 to 3/25 for $557 including the hotel. Walking around a city is fun, but if you're going to be touring a lot of museums or going to shows then maybe it's ok that the flowers aren't in full bloom (plus there are fewer tourists so shorter lines). Also plan to leave and return midweek, everyone wants a long weekend so the prices go up. Hope that helps a bit!

  2. Don't forget to take your long johns to Moscow
    It gets a little chilly in March.

    Maybe you could find a rich husband overthere ?
    While Your US passport is still worth something ,
    After Obama is done we will be in more debt then Bangaladesh :-))

    PS are you watching Girls - quite a hit now :-)

  3. So sorry you are sick again. Now working with little kids after so many years of being around them when you were little, your system has to deal with to many separate new viruses. Maybe if you just had one at a time, it would deal. I had this happen, I still catch stuff from the kids, just not as bad but it took a year to build up to the new assults.


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