September 13, 2011

Just Another Manic Tuesday

My stress level is one step above biting your nails and not quite at uncontrollable laughter. You know, that crazy laughter that bursts out as you're walking down the hall and makes people look at you sideways and give you a wide birth? Yup, that level.
So here are the highlights.
My home has been invaded by a horde of college students and the place that has been my home for the past five months will now be their home for the next nine. 
I've discovered Dunkin' Donut's pumpkin coffee, on the recommendation of a coworker. It's a little sweet but sinfully addictive. A splurge that I find myself indulging in too often to really call it a splurge. 
With the wedding last weekend I haven't really had time to clean my car out (a weekly ritual) so it's a little cluttered and cramped. 
I could have slept in for at least another hour this morning and debated skipping my shower to get it.
A potential issue to be covered next time: Dating while living in a car.


  1. Your blogs get more interesting all the time. I wouldnt have even thought of the challenges of dating


  2. RE dating while dwelling mobily, my guess would be, when the question of "My place or yours?" comes up, the mobile-dweller would answer: "Yours."


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