September 9, 2011

My Brain Is Full

This may be the longest I have gone without posting since this blog began back in April!
Classes started this week (ahh!) and I am to that point of stress where you begin to involuntarily twitch. But today's Friday, so I can take a half step back and look back on the week as an "experience" rather than the hectic hell it actually felt like.
I left New Hampshire at 3am on Tuesday morning, my attempt to avoid the massive labor day traffic filing back into Massachusetts. It took me three hours to drive back to school and I arrived just in time to hop on the bus and get to work. 
The way my schedule is set up I have classes and if I'm not in class I'm working in the department, making copies, filing, and doing other oddball (low skill) jobs. This works really well for me because I can get 20 hours of work in with a 20 credit hour week.
Anyway, back to the story. Tuesday I ran around going to classes and by my 3pm class I was falling asleep in the back row. No what a professor wants to see. This week I've had
  • Spanish
  • Biodiversity
  • Victorian Monstrosities
  • Foundations of Education
  • Afro American Lit
  • Sociological Theory
I've also read The Sign of Four (Sherlock Holmes) and four essays for classes and written three pages. Ahh!! Next week will be so much easier. Stay tuned for my nervous breakdown!


  1. Trying to start classes with no sleep makes it seem sooo much worse. Once you catch back up (If?) it won't be so bad. By the end of the month you'll be going to classes, working, reading x-billion pages a night and have plenty of time left for cruising the internet.

    It's just that first little bit of adjustment that really stinks.

    Also, Victorian Monstrosities? You're taking a course on early British horror stories? Sweet! One school I went to offered (Honors program only) a seminar on Victorian (and some earlier) travel diaries. Should've got the reading list and played along at home.

  2. HA! When I read "Victorian Monstrosities" I didn't even think literature - I immediately pictured scary old houses in need of repair!!!

    Sounds like you've got plenty on your plate - good luck!

  3. Phil United KingdomSeptember 9, 2011 at 1:55 PM

    Glad you posted, Ash. I was getting a bit worried.

  4. Love reading your blog Ash, good luck with school this semester!


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