November 5, 2011

Privacy: How To

This is white blackout fabric on the roll
Hey all! I've been getting some questions lately about my black out curtains from some first timers looking for incognito privacy. I'm not sure that I ever did a full post on my latest privacy methods so it might be helpful to those still outfitting their vehicles.

First off, a car is tough to privatize.
  1. The whole thing is pretty much windows
  2. Tinting can work but many states have laws about how much tint can be on windows
  3. It needs to still look like a car so you won't be spotted
My solution was found at a craft store where they have rolls of blackout fabric which they will cut to size (tip: Overhang is fine, get the pieces cut larger than the windows you're covering). I spent about $15 on material for the two back passenger windows and the rear window.

Also pick up a package of black Velcro squares so that your shades will be removable. This is good for a few reasons.
  1. If the popo call you out for having stuff on your windows you can remove it in a few seconds
  2. You can take it off in the morning and put it up at night if you're someone who uses your car for commuting during the day
It's an old pic but see: dark back windows.
So from here the process is pretty self explanatory (ie: stick the black out material to your windows using the Velcro). At night your car will look like just another dark vehicle in the parking lot. Honestly, I leave mine up all the time because a) my commute is so short and b) no one's ever called me out on it. Just keep in mind that backing up is a process when you can't see anything behind you. Not only can no one see in but it blocks a lot of the light from street lamps and other cars while letting in very soft light in the morning.

I also have a tension rod and curtains to divide my sleeping space from the front of the car. The whole idea is to hide in plain sight so try to look as "normal" as possible:) Good luck to all and let me know if you have other tips for privacy.

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  1. Hehe, in my country, we will be immediately fined when we are called to pull over :p

    Oh ya, btw, I am finally back...hehe, I didn't leave my blogs behind and I didn't forget you :D


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