June 6, 2012

A New Job?

I think (fingers crossed) that I got a job. It's at a ritzy preschool, so I'll get the classroom experience I need for my certification, plus they pay $11 per hour. I know that doesn't sound like much, but a lot of the education related jobs I've looked at recently pay less than $10 and I was getting cranky, what with my shiny new degree and all. In New Hampshire you need 18 early childhood credits to work in a preschool and I have 18 education credits in all. Here's hoping they can all count.

My next move is to find a place/way to live that's nearer to my new job. The Jetta is doing alright, but I still haven't had the belt fixed (mainly because I didn't know how long I would be out of work). I was checking out small campers, like this awesome canned ham camper. And maybe (it's a big maybe) I'll look into getting a newer car in a  few months.

My task for today is to renew my license. I called NHDOT back in January and told them I was out of state and couldn't get back to renew, so they gave me an extension. Now my time is up and I've got money to fork over. Right now I'm going to take advantage of the one half day of sunshine (after five days of rain) and go for a walk.


  1. Then you will need to join Sisters On The fly.com


  2. Can't you do the renewal of license online? A small trailer would be a way for you to have a place to stay. Such a small one could even be towed by a Jetta. But that's nothing for the winter in NH, I guess. You may have to move that outfit to FL in the winter. Kinda being a "snowbirding teacher". That sounds really good to me, being a snowbird.

    1. I was thinking about winters in the northeast and, while I've already been through one in the Jetta, I might need to look into alternatives. Maybe a little stove Like this one

  3. I loved being a trailerist for a couple of years, the illusion that one is an RV'er is pretty awesome. Instead of ppl looking down their noses at you for living within your means in your car or van (even though your van might be more lux than their livingroom), ppl actually lust after your lifestyle. I know it's sort of inconsistant, but it's fun.


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