June 9, 2012


“A teacher affects eternity; 
he can never tell where his influence stops.”
-Henry Adams

I'm a pre-school teacher.

Sounds a little strange and very... tame compared to the titles I've has so far. New Hampshire requires 18 early childhood credits (ECE) to work in a preschool and every one of my credits counts. They emailed me yesterday to say all's well and they expect me for orientation on the 18th, which feels like quite a ways out but I'm sure it will approach fast. While $11 an hour is less than I was hoping to make, they provide health and dental and I will qualify for teaching certs after a year. Look at me being all grown up and responsible!

So ends the great job hunt of 2012. I applied to a bunch (lost count) of schools and educational facilities, was accepted by about ten of them, and finally accepted just one. The next step is housing.

I love living with my friends but the commute is about 30 miles and takes me through two tolls so it costs $3 to go to and from work each day. Also, if this is really something I'm doing long term (a year is long for me), I can't live with them forever (I'm sure they'd appreciate not always having a house guest).

After living in the Jetta for more than a year I just can't justify paying rent, so I've been looking into alternatives. Car dwelling is always an option, of course, but I would like to upgrade to something a bit larger, like the Shasta I showed you all a few days ago. For now, however, I'm just trying to keep the Jetta going for a bit longer. I have an appointment to bring her to a mechanic on Monday for a new drive belt and that hose that cracked a while back. With a little luck that won't kill my nonexistent budget.


  1. That's great news about your new job! Living in the little Shasta would seem luxurious after living in the Jetta.:)

  2. Good Luck. I agree about little Shasta,so much more room and adorable too.

  3. Hello Ashley, great news about the job. With that job offer you could probably get a LITTLE loan at a bank to get your accommodation in order. Living 30 miles away is a waste of money. just think of the fuel...60 miles every day plus the toll! Doesn't work. Having a trailer, you need a place to park it as well. That will most likely cost SOME money, unless you have someone with a good size property where you can be. Living in that darn car is not approbriate for a pre-school teacher either. Sometimes you can find Give-away ads in the papers. And an older trailer is often for free, or available for very little money. If I had one I'd be giving it to you. You need it.

  4. Hi Ash,
    This is what I have been using to search nation wide for that perfect used Roadtrek.


  5. Here is a place in Niagra Falls NY offering help with student loans if you move there.
    Good luck, Jay


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