June 12, 2012

Gardens & Garages

Look at those beautiful rows!
As you know, my car has had some issues over the past few months. The serpentine belt was squeaking like mad and a hose was cracked and spitting oil on the engine. Because I really didn't have the money to deal with it I did the next best thing: I ignored it. Finally I decided it just had to be done and made an appointment with a local mechanic in my home town.

So yesterday at 6am I met my father at the garage so he could drive me back to the house and I could spent the day with my mother. By 10am we had planted the garden (better late then never) and then went onto some housework.

I was really hoping that the Jetta would be done by 5pm but that cracked hose seems to have been worse than anticipated. It's also cracked near the engine so the whole thing needs to be replaced which means getting the part from Volkswagen... it's time consuming more than anything else. In the end my father ended up driving me back to the house and hopefully the car will be ready (at minimal expense) later today.

I hate being without my car and I hate surprises. The anxiety of waiting for my bank account to be depleted is a bit much. The fact is that I don't have much in the way of possessions so what I do have is pretty important to me (like the lady on the bus). I feel stranded. Today, with nowhere to be (and nowhere to get there even if I had) I am going to sit on the porch reading trashy romance novels in the sunshine.

A view from the herb garden

Freya the puppy, tied to the tractor

The former sheep shed, now a potting shed

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  1. Lovely pics. The place looks quite idyllic. Car repairs are always such a PITA.


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