June 27, 2012

Viral Pharyngitis

It's only my second week teaching preschool and I've got viral pharyngitis (no voice and a low grade fever with some cold symptoms).  I worked yesterday, struggling to be heard in a room of two year olds who thought I was making my voice sound funny on purpose. I wish I could spend the day catching up on errands, but all I want to do is drink honey and lemon while watching Disney Movies.

Work is going pretty well so far. All the kids have very strong personalities and patterns of behavior which I'm almost able to preempt at this point. It's the melt downs that get to me, those end of the day crazies when the kids are done sharing, done cooperating, and have had enough of both the students and the teachers. They don't care that they just smacked their friend over the head with a block because they have run out of empathy. On the other hand I spent over an hour on the floor yesterday setting up a wooden train track, which they were very grateful for, and when one of them turns to me with a huge smile of pride I feel like maybe we're making progress.

My co-teacher is very nice (thank goodness) and we seem to agree on a few points of early childhood ed (mainly that firm lesson plans for a group of two year olds are useless). July is Ocean Month and we have all kinds of grand plans for fish projects and an interactive aquarium/tide pool. Luckily researching ocean themed activities is something I can do from the comfort of my sickbed.


  1. So sorry you are under the weather, kids are little germ producing stations and love to share!

    Glad school is going well, I don't know many people who deal well with the melt downs so just know that you have plenty of company!

  2. Yikes! Feel better Miss Ash ley!


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