March 28, 2014

NOLA: Day 24

"Life is like riding a bicycle; to keep your balance you must keep moving."
-Albert Einstein

It's a rainy day here in New Orleans, although after nearly a month in the city I'm realizing that Southern rain and Northern rain are very different things. In the north when it rains it means buckets of fat drops and it lasts all day, but down here rain (at least March rain) means intermittent drizzle or something like a heavy fog.

I'm still loving the city and, with the understanding that I may be leaving soon, I've been doing all the touristy things like strolling through the French Quarter, window shopping on Magazine Street, and working my way through the museums. There are street musicians and booths that sell everything from clothes and flutes to alligator kabobs. The other day I was on Canal street when I heard beautiful music and when I turned around there was a bicycle pulling a baby grand piano down the road. It really is an amazing city.

I've also been getting into the local swing. Every morning for the past month I have walked down to a little cafe where I sit with my decaf coffee and my laptop looking up jobs, sending off emails, and writing letters to my former students in New Hampshire who are having some adjustment issues with the new teacher. I've figured out where Fresh Market is and stopped taking the streetcar everywhere, which saves me money but also means my boots are wearing out faster than they should). All in all this has been a really fun "vacation".

I really will try to write more often!


  1. I remain intrigued with your journey. One travels best when young, finding adventure friends and passion in life where one might. Keep posting. I do miss the Jetta.

  2. Why would you be leaving soon? I am new to your blog, so I am not sure if you have answered this, but I know you were accepted to TeachNOLA, what happened with that?

    1. Good questions! I left NOLA because it's hot in the summer and I'm a big baby when it comes to extreem temps. As for TeachNOLA, it was a good program but had some drawbacks, like four unpaid months of training. I ended up going to a small school in New Hamoshire instead.


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