April 18, 2012


Like many girls I got my ears pierced at the mall when I was about ten. Along with piercings for my sister and I, they sold my mother two pairs of those fake diamond studs and a large bottle of peroxide. Sara and I were psyched. We did everything that the lady at the shop told us to and for three months we didn't take those earrings out. I remember the day mum said we could remove the studs and wear dangling earrings.

It took me seven years to get another and it was that cartilage in the top of my ear, you know? In the meantime my sister didn't slow down, she must have eight ear piercing so far. The good news is that she recently took out the tongue ring which use to seriously bug me. When she was nervous she would tap the barbell on the back of her front teeth. Drove me crazy.

I don't wear earrings much; after getting them caught on things at the farm a few times I kind of gave up and they didn't work well under my construction helmet in Vermont. I have, however, been looking for a good hoop for my top of ear piercing (seriously, what's that called?) and found one this afternoon. A 12mm endless hoop earring. Yes, it's not a necessity, but come on! Sometimes it's nice to get something (cheap) that you don't really truly need. Truth is I had to swing by the store to get new reading glasses because (surprise) I broke another pair in my purse last night.

One thing I needed, one thing I really didn't... That evens out, right?


  1. If those are your new shades, then it seems like the whole ordeal evened out in your favor bigtime!

    1. Yup, that's them. Pretty classy, right?:)

    2. They look exactly like a pair I got at The Dollar Tree!


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