April 14, 2012

Dandelions & Scotland

Spring is here and just to prove it the grounds keepers here at the college have been mowing some lovely green grass today in preparation for graduation. Classes are done in two weeks and a few days later the campus will be flooded with minivans containing excited family members and driven by fathers who eventually will give up on the traffic jam and try driving over the lawns. Between graduation and clearing the dorms, being in any moving vehicle will become treacherous. I was considering pitching a lawn chair for a front row seat, but I think I'll take advantage of the dorms being open to give myself a tour. Two years here and I've never been in a dorm.

Another benefit of Spring's springing is that the world is covered in dandelions. To the average homeowner they might be a weed, but to me they are the beginning of dandelion wine (which is very easy to make).

Thanks to Massachusetts' love of... itself and all things Revolutionary, I have a three day weekend. Technically April 16th is Patriots Day in the Bay State, however my mother called on Thursday evening to make sure that I observe Culloden, which is also on Monday. For those of you who are not Scottish (of have just moved on), the Battle of Culloden was the end of the Scottish uprising against England in 1746 and it lead to the Dissolution of the Clans. Those of you who are either Irish or Scottish know if Celts do one thing well it's hold a grudge and on Monday thousands of us will curse the English while raising a glass to Scottish Independence. I feel like this year is a bit different then the past 265 years of observances. It's important to note that the Scottish National Party has recently gained momentum and it is becoming increasingly likely that Scotland will vote to succeed from England in the 2014 elections.

By the by, my lovely readers, I do encourage everyone to read newspapers from other countries whenever possible for a more global view of the world. US papers, understandably, tend to cover news that is most relevant to Americans, but it's not that big a world: everything is relevant! Also, for all those looking to get their newspapers digitally, the New York Times is running a subscription special: .99 cents for the first four weeks and $1 per week after that.

Now, I'm going to close this laptop and go sit in the sunshine and read a book on this gorgeous spring day. Enjoy! 

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  1. I've got some friends in Coatbridge who are looking very forward to finally breaking away from the Brits. I've got plans to visit roughly about the time this will be taking place.


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