August 13, 2011

Reading Glasses

$3 at Good Will
My Saturday started much earlier than I would have liked. At 6:30am I really had to pee, which means get up, get dressed, and find a store that's open early. Shaw's was open so I got a muffin and debated parking under a big tree I'd seen and going back to sleep for a bit. That's when I saw my balding tire that I wrote about earlier today

You guys know me by now. I knew I needed tires a while ago, but convinced myself they were not a necessary expense just then. Well, they are now. I was writing about my debacle this morning, a little groggy and progressively fuzzier because I couldn't find my glasses. After some searching I did find them in my purse: snapped in half. 

Glasses: $1.99 ~ Clutch: .50 cents
Fine! They were getting kind of scratched anyway! My mother is 59 years old next week and only recently admitted that she needed glasses to read (she needed them when I was a kid) but still refuses to get prescription. I was very proud of myself that I overcame this genetic stubbornness and started wearing reading glasses a few years ago (at the ripe old age of 24). Unfortunately I just can't justify getting prescriptions either. Michaels, the craft store, has reading glasses in the sewing section for $1.99 - $2.99. I went with red checkers. This being a tax free weekend in Mass I also took myself to Goodwill on the way back to campus and got a really cute skirt with bead work for $3 and a clutch for my new glasses for .50 cents. 

So the day feels a bit better and more sunshiny. I have to look for places to get tires either tomorrow or Monday, so that should fill up part of my day. Other than that I'm planning a Jeremy Brett marathon and don't want to see any human being until Monday.


  1. I agree that tire needs replacing but if you are short of cash just get one tire. It's not like you are driving in races or life and death car chases. Check out a used tire. People trade in perfectly good tires with lots of wear left and they are as safe as a new tire.
    Buying new tires does not guarantee that they will not blow in the first mile. I have had two complete new sets in the last 10 years that were not worth a crap. Every tire in one set separated before 20,000 miles only one of which was made good. So much for the guarantee. The other was the worst rubber composition I have ever seen with absolutely no traction on dry or wet pavement.

  2. Always good to read what you are about. Bald tires are not unsafe (except in wet weather) unless the rubber has worn down to the point where cord shows. Used tires can be a good choice if you are hot doing a lot of driving. Cheers. JNR

  3. Hey Ash .... Play it SAFE and buy some good tires PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE !! Thank you !!!


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