April 10, 2012

The Plan + Sarah

Friendship is born in the moment when one person says to another: 
"What! You too? I thought I was the only one."
-C.S. Lewis

Sarah and I worked on a farm together in Rutland Mass about two years ago. We were farmhands and drove tractors, did some carpentry, repaired a lot of piping, and did a ton of maintenance. Basically: we were awesome. We were also very good friends despite the fact that we were living and working together 24/7. Sarah was in college at the time finishing up a degree in nutrition and when she graduated she moved east towards the big city and a wider range of employment opportunities. We've managed to keep in touch over the past few years (you might remember we went to symphony a couple months back) and have been talking lately about our next moves.

It sounds like Sarah is stuck in a rut, not really doing the job she imagined for herself, and I'm heading off to NOLA so... I suggested she come to New Orleans with me. By now you've probably gathered that a complete change is my remedy for pretty much every life crisis, but it's a big move and Sarah's never lived outside Massachusetts. This called for some deep dialog.

After I got out of work yesterday I jumped in the Jetta and headed for Rutland, the halfway point between me and Boston. I stopped on the way and picked up bread, olive oil, and red wine and met Sarah at Heifer Internationals Overlook Farm. So we sat with our spread (she brought Gouda and grapes) discussing the possibilities and have come to a conclusion.

Sarah is going to find an awesome summer job, something that will allow her to keep up with student loan payments (which are not small) while still being fulfilling. Right now she's debating WOOFing around Massachusetts on a bicycle (which sounds awesome). In August or September, after I'm done with training and am full time at a school, Sarah is going to drive down to New Orleans and we will try being southern ladies for the next year. This will give her the moral support to make a huge move to the other end of the country and it will give me hours of entertainment with a great roommate. We're going to get a one bedroom apartment and be real roommates again (much like we were on the farm). That's going to let us save some money while living someplace nice. Honestly even half a bedroom is bigger than I have right now so it will be like a palace.

See? The plan just keeps morphing!



  1. Making a connection..(be it with one person or one hundred) ....with a shared goal.

  2. I want your life!

  3. How nice it is to have a friend whom you share precious moments of life together, and that you know you can always count on at any time when you need each other:)
    I love reading about your friendship with Sarah; it just warms one's heart and reminds me of my own girl friends whom I trust ;)

  4. Great plan, Ash...I love your life.

  5. Congrats on finding a roommate you work well with, they can be tricky to come by...but incredibly worth it.

    Will you be continuing the website from N.O.?

  6. Its wonderful having a friend to share life's adventures with, especially going to New Orleans!

    We go through there every year, but am afraid to stop for too long, I know its one of those places that will grab ahold of you and never let you go!

    Good adventures to you and keep writing no matter what! I would be so sad not to see your postings...even if you end up in living a more sedate lifestyle....

    1. Thanks Terri! I'm planning to continue the Tuckerbag and even if my life does become more sedate for a bit my attention span will not be able to maintain it long:)


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