December 14, 2012

Electric Violin

I am desperately trying to talk myself out of this awesome electric violin.

I got a violin years ago with the idea that I would learn to play it. It wasn't a very good one and bow was too small, but I hauled it around for nearly eight years and across country twice before giving it to a little boy in Massachusetts as his first instrument.

Here's the story (at least my side of the story). My parents always wanted my sister and I to be musical.I took piano, my sister took voice lessons, we both took recorder, Sara tried drums, then I took up saxophone. I wasn't bad, the basic notes come pretty easily to me, but my sister really didn't like any instrument so my parents were especially keen to get her interested in something. One summer Sara and I both wanted to learn fiddle but, because I already had an instrument I liked, Sara got lessons and I did not. I was very disappointed, especially when Sara lost interest in the fiddle a few months later, and I have been wanting to learn ever since. This was also around the time that I heard the Edgar Lee Masters poem about Fiddler Jones that ends:
"I ended up with forty acres;
I ended up with a broken fiddle,
and a broken laugh
          and a thousand memories, 
                 and not a single regret"
I always liked to think that someday I would end up the same as Fiddler Jones, which may have lead to my slight infatuation with the fiddle. Well, now there's this awesome electric/silent violin on Amazon for $129, which is a lot of money, but I could practice in my apartment without waking the neighbors and enraging my roommate.

This may just be a Christmas present to myself...

Partita No. 2 in D Minor, BWV 1004: Corrente by Lara St. John on Grooveshark


  1. Do it! The cost is nothing compared to what you'll get and give from playing it. I got myself a ukulele about 2 years ago when I started downsizing for the mobile lifestyle. I started with the guitar when I was 13 and play all kinds of stringed instruments. Mind you, not well since I'm a little rusty with some of them now. Where was I? Oh yeah, do it!

  2. That looks really cool, but I'm confused about the "Silent" part. Does that mean that it only plays when plugged in and can't be used in acustic mode?

    1. Apparently it plays when it's not plugged in, just not as loudly as an acoustic. It needs to be connected to amps, a computer, or a head set. I figure I'll upgrade to an acoustic when I figure out how to play decently, and until then no one needs to head me practicing:)

      Check this guy out!


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