December 15, 2012


“It is not enough to be busy... The question is: what are we busy about?” 
― Henry David Thoreau

My New Boots
I've been so productive today! I went out early this morning to mail Christmas gifts (which should have been send last week), and return those awesome Timberland boots that came in too narrow. Then I went to Payless and bought these Rugged Outback boots (which I really hope will hold up). With the money I saved on the boots I ordered that electric violin I was talking about yesterday (It will be here Tuesday!) and I got a couple cool pillow cases at the thrift store.

All that and I was home by 11am. Now I need to decide whether my productivity is done for the day or if I should go do laundry. How about we let the Hallmark channel and a cup of tea decide.


  1. Im so happy you bought the Violin.

  2. And those are some pretty nice boots you got there.



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