December 11, 2012

So Sickly

My germy class of kiddies has, once again, infected me with with some orange juice resistant strain of flu. As much as I miss the Jetta, I like having a couch to crash on when I'm feeling icky. I went to bed at 4pm on Saturday and haven't been out of bed for more than an hour in two days. This morning I got up, showered, dressed, and marched myself to work prepared to be a trooper... and was promptly send home.

Rich people take time off to be sick, I have bills to pay!


  1. Sorry to hear you're ill, and hope you feel better soon. Aside from that how has the sticks and bricks life been treating you so far?

  2. Ashley, since l've moved out of my van for the winter here in Toronto l have been sick twice, and it's only been one month (tomorrow actually will be one month).

    It sucks!!!

    I do love the shower and the consistant warmth...but miss my van.

  3. So sorry you are under the weather! Cute little germ factories!


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