December 28, 2012


I ordered a shelf from Walmart, $25 with shipping, and it came today. It took me thirty minutes to assemble the thing and I still have pieces left over... I'm pretty sure they don't normally send extra nails.

One theory is that the nails are for some sort of cardboard backing, but there wasn't one in the box. As for those other pieces, well, I'm at a loss.

It's Friday and this was my productive moment of the day. I feel like Christmas is finally over. What's Christmas vacation? It's not a vacation, it's more stressful them work. Now I have two days where, besides a visit with a friend and returning some boots, I have nothing I need to do. I plan to sleep. A lot.


  1. The black buttons go in the screw heads to hide them and you are missing the cardboard back.
    I hope you have a Happy 2013.

    1. They hide the screws! That makes sense. I'm glad I didn't throw them away.


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